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Salvation, Sin and Judgment

This section focuses on various dimensions of judgment - whether the judgment is being done by individuals, by groups (such as nations) or by God. It includes the judgment of self, as well as the judgment of others.

Human judgment comes in many forms. It is necessary - and required by God. Yet ultimately, we need to remember that it is imperfect. Injustice also exists (and is condemned by God). We must strive to attain a righteous judgment, but we must do so with humility, knowing that our best efforts - though necessary - may be less than perfect. Ultimately, we must commit all things to the perfect judgment of the final Judge, Jesus Christ, who will make all things right.

Many people have a distorted concept of mercy and justice. They treat them as opposites, and under the guise of "mercy," actually create injustice. In the Bible, mercy and justice complement, rather than contradict, each other. Someone still has to "pay" for the sins committed - even if the one who committed them isn't the one who is paying. This is illustrated by what Jesus did on the cross: Rather than ignoring sin (a distorted concept of "mercy"), Jesus took the punishment that we deserve. He traded places with us and paid the cost. Because of this, God is both just and merciful.

Some comments about God's judgment

We live in an age in which many people get offended by the word "judgment" - especially when it is used in the context of God's judgment against sin. Some people claim that a "God of love" wouldn't (or couldn't) judge people; others get angry, as though God's judgment was itself an act of sin. Very few people give any thought to the fact that God's judgment gives us only what we earn - the wages that we work for. When God is involved, judgment and justice go together.

Random Comments About Judging

Whether or not we should judge someone is a complex issue. Both actions are commanded in Scripture (our specific obligation depending on the circumstances); and judging, when it must occur, has to be done in the manner that Scripture requires. Also, certain things must be done prior to judging others (such as dealing with our own sins), and other truths of Scripture (such as the expression mercy, as defined by Scripture) must not be neglected. This article is a collection of comments related to the issue of judging.

The Concept of Future Judgment

This is not directly related to "end times" issues, but to how the judgment concept developed, from the beginning to the end of the Bible (with the main focus being in the Old Testament). It is copied from the last two pages of a larger study: Understanding the Book of Ecclesiastes


God gave us a conscience for a purpose. This is a New Testament word study that focuses on the word translated as "conscience." We learn various things about "conscience" - including the need to keep it "good" or "clear." But just as important, we learn about our relationship to the conscience of others - and this is very important!

The Christian and War

This is an in-depth study of the issue. It looks at the various positions commonly held by people, the views of Christians down through the centuries, and the Biblical data related to the issue of war.

Complete Article

Includes: 1) Views about war, 2) history of the church's response, 3) Scripture teachings, 4) discussion of which view(s) best fits the data.

Abridged (conclusions only)

Only gives the conclusion of the matter (Part 4, "discussion"). It does not give you the background reasons for reaching such a conclusion.

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The Bible says (about God's judgment)...

For he [God] has set a day for judging the world with justice by the man [Jesus Christ] he has appointed, and he proved to everyone who this is by raising him from the dead." (Acts 17:31)