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Living as a Disciple
Fellowship With Other Disciples

Most of these articles focus on fellowship itself (or its counterfeits), but some of them look at related issues, such as the consequences of fellowship.

The key thing to remember is this: The "fellowship" of the Bible has little or no resemblance to the shallow "fellowship" that occurs among many who call themselves "Christian." It is much deeper than that, and impacts all of life. Though we who are God's people have many differences, we have much (if not all) in common. This fact is to influence the way we interact with others and the nature of our fellowship.

Our fellowship (if it is genuine) is a great privilege, especially since it includes fellowship with Jesus Christ. But with the privilege comes not only rights, but responsibilities. And one of the responsibilities is to maintain the purity of the fellowship. We cannot condone sin, but must deal with it. A failure to do this eventually destroys the whole nature of our fellowship, and often reduces it to the pretension that is common among so many.

Jesus' Family - A Community

This is an in-depth study of the whole concept of fellowship, partner, sharing, common, etc. It covers many of the topics found in the other articles about fellowship and sharing (below). If you are tired of pretentious "Christianity" and want to pursue the genuine, this article focuses on the "lifestyle" part of the issue. (The "teachings" part of the issue, which is just as important, can be found in other articles on this website.) [Currently available only in PDF format.]

The concept of "fellowship"

Fellowship - Sharing (a short outline)

This study is based on a New Testament Greek word (koinonia), which is frequently translated as "fellowship" or "sharing." It focuses on the most significant passages where this word occurs. This is strictly an outline - no study questions. (Make your own!)

Fellowship & Sharing in the Community of Believers (New Testament word study)

This study is based on a group of New Testament Greek words (all related to the words koinonia and koinos). It focuses on concepts such as fellowship, sharing, having things in common, etc. It is more comprehensive and in-depth than the short outline mentioned above. This is strictly an outline - no study questions. (Make your own!)

See Also:

Counterfeit "fellowship"

"Frivolous Fake Fellowship"

It seems that most people think "Christian fellowship" means frivolous (empty) talk and gluttony - at least all they do is fill their bellies and engage in meaningless chatter. But shouldn't we be building ourselves up in the Lord and encouraging each other? At least the New Testament church thought so! This link takes you to a list of separate articles that show us what the Bible says about the "entertainment mentality" and the empty talk that so many people call "fellowship." The issue of control/self-control is also examined. (The "food" issue - gluttony - was not the focus of this study.)

See Also:

A look at related issues and consequences

These articles focus on general principles related to how we are to have fellowship with other believers. What are some of our basic rights, responsibilities, obligations (etc.)? [Articles that have a more specific focus will be found in other sections of this website.]

Scripture principles about generosity

Scripture has much to say about helping and giving to others - obligations and prohibitions, etc. This article is an attempt to summarize the various principles (based on both instructions and examples) as found in Scripture.

Sharing Things - A Worksheet

A look at passages which use the word "share" - based mainly on the NIV translation. (This includes most of the New Testament passages using this word, and one verse from the book of Proverbs.) Verse references are arranged in a brief outline, but the individual must look-up the passages, to find out what they say.

Encouragement - a Worksheet

This study looks at many of the verses that teach us about encouragement, arranged in outline form. There are also some application questions at the end of the study.

Are you my Brother? Are you my Sister?

When people become brothers or sisters in Christ, Jesus expects us to treat them as the brothers or sisters that they are. To refuse to obey Jesus in this matter is quite a serious thing - especially if we claim we are following him!

The Problem of Christian Liberty - Romans 14:1 - 15:13

How are we to respond when a "weaker" brother is bothered by something we do? This issue was present in the early church and is still with us today. The apostle Paul gives us specific instructions on how to respond.

When a person in the church sins against you...

A look at the requirements Jesus gives us in Matthew 18:15-17. Included are a worksheet and teaching notes.

The example of the early church...

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42; see also v. 43-47)