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Salvation, Sin and Judgment

All have sinned. It has destroyed (or at least marred) all right relationships - not only our relationship with God, but also our relationship with other people and with all of creation. Creation itself (including the environment) has suffered as a consequence of sin entering the world. This sin has even impacted our own natures, and renders us helpless and hopeless (and often unaware of our condition). Because of our sin, we have earned a judgment of death.

Yet because of what Jesus did - and only because of this - there is hope of salvation. This salvation - if it exists in a person's life - will influence not only his eternal destiny, but every aspect of his life even now. It will influence both the way he thinks and the way he acts.

The Bible's concept of "death" involves separation. It does not mean that a person ceases to exist. When a person dies physically, he may cease to exist in the body (until the resurrection), but he still exists somewhere. Spiritual death involves separation from God. Eternal death is an ongoing existence of being separated from God, and from everything that reflects God's goodness and his blessings.

Because God is a righteous and holy God, he must deal with sin. Some aspects of judgment may occur in this present life. This may include judgment administered by humans (such as civil authorities who are sent by God to punish evildoers - Romans 13), but it can also include the natural consequences of a person's choices, as well as large-scale calamities (such as "acts of God"). God can also use the "every-day" forces of nature to accomplish his purposes.

Nevertheless, there will also be injustice in this present life, for the effects of sin are all-encompassing. For complete and final justice, we must look forward to the "Day of Justice," in which each person will stand before God and will give account for everything he ever did. On that day, all will "get what they deserve" - except for the disciples of Jesus. This is because Jesus got the punishment they deserved, when he was put to death on the cross. He experienced the punishment of death - separation from God (and all its consequences) - which we (his disciples) deserve.

God offers you the opportunity to not "get what you deserve" at the Day of Justice. Don't throw it away! Turn to him for salvation and for a change in heart that results in new life!


A look at various issues related to the general topic of "sin," including some of its effects. (Specific issues are examined at the appropriate locations elsewhere.)


A look at various issues related to the general topic of "salvation." (Specific issues are examined at the appropriate locations elsewhere.)


Repentance is the first "step" of salvation. It refers to the changes in the way a person thinks and acts. We live in a day in which repentance is largely ignored, and is often considered unnecessary - even by people who call themselves "Christian." Yet such a view rejects the testimony of God himself, who commands that all people must repent (Acts 17:30)! This section looks at some of these issues.

Compromise & REVIVAL

Both saved and unsaved can be hurt by compromise with sin, or can benefit from revival - though in obviously different ways. This section looks at some of the issues related to these two "opposite" concepts.


Articles dealing with judgment-related issues - not only eternal judgment, but also judgment that takes place in this present world.

"END TIMES" Issues

Here, we focus on specific issues related to the end times. Note that if you are interested in speculations, opinions, date-setting and the rest, you will have to look for some other website.

The Bible says...

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23)