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The Book of Job

It's pronounced like "Jobe."

Since I spent so much time on this book, I'm giving it a section of its own. It is because of my own trials, that I studied this book quite extensively. Perhaps I could accurately say that its message kept me alive when there was nothing else that provided hope.

Note the Scripture passage at the bottom of this page. It's a statement of fact. People who turn against God because of what happens to them, or who choose to sin, do so because they are not the type of people described in that verse.

Outline on the Book of Job

A paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of the book of Job, in outline form. The section about Elihu has both an outline and a "mini-commentary" (two separate articles).

A Few Comments About Elihu

Opinions about Elihu range from "total scoundrel" to "prophet of God." This article looks briefly at these issues, and shows why we ought to pay attention to what he says.

About Job's Integrity

Job wasn't perfect. In the end, he discovered that there was much that he needed to repent of. Yet the big issue throughout this book involves the matter of integrity - and in this matter, Job did not waver. It would be good for us to learn from his example of integrity.

Jesus and Job

In John 9, the disciples raised a question that was similar to the questions raised in the book of Job. This short article looks at Jesus' response to their question.

Even when things go wrong...

Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands will grow stronger. (Job 17:9)