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God and Creation

The Bible tells us very clearly who God is, who we are, and what the relationship is between God and us. It tells us specifically how we got here and why he put us here. It explains our relationship to God, to other people, and to the world around us (creation and environment).

Any other perspective or opinion on these matters is, by its very nature, false. It is error - the invention of people who have willfully suppressed the truth (Romans 1:18-20). This would include all the opinions and perspectives about God and creation that go against what the Bible tells us. This would include all the religions of the world (since genuine Christianity is not a religion), as well as any distortion of the Bible itself.

The Bible tells us these things, and it makes no apology for doing so. Neither should we.


A look at various issues related to who God is (his nature and character) and the way he interacts with us (as the Creator).


A look at who Jesus is, why he came, various events in his life on earth, etc.

IDOLATRY, False Gods & Religion

Anything that is a substitute for the God of the Bible (whether a replacement or a false definition of who he is) is idolatry. This includes anything that is considered "non-religious," but which is given greater loyalty or devotion than God. (An example is atheism.) These articles focus on a few of the issues that fall into this category.

CREATION & Environment

God made the earth; he made the laws of nature and everything that is a legitimate part of science. He controls nature and he also uses it to teach us things. (It is sin, not God, that has brought about the negative aspects of nature - catastrophes, environmental damage, etc.)

PEOPLE, Spirit Beings, Heavenly Creatures, etc.

A few articles that focus on the nature of people, spirits, heavenly beings, etc., as created beings. (Articles that focus on human activities, moral obligations, relationships, etc., are located elsewhere.)

MIRACLES & The Laws of Nature

Normally, God uses the laws of nature (which he created) to accomplish his purposes, but he can go against those laws, if he wants.

The Bible tells us...

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

All things were made through him [Jesus Christ]. Without him was not anything made that has been made. (John 1:3)