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The BIBLE & Our Perspective
The Need for Clear Thinking

God didn't give us the Bible, so that we could add "religion" to our lives. Rather, he gave it to us, so that we could be totally transformed. Part of this transformation involves a change in the way we think.


Each of us was born in sin, and throughout life we choose to sin. Both of these facts have influenced every aspect of our being - including the way we think. Since God is the source of wisdom, logic and communication - his very nature defines them - it is only natural for the sinful mind to distort them.

This doesn't mean that an unsaved person is incapable of knowing things; rather, he gives the wrong significance to what he knows. He might not fully realize what he is doing (since it is his nature to do these things); but he ends-up distorting what he knows,because of his distorted (and false) values and priorities. He uses knowledge and facts in ways that dishonor God (the author of those facts) and which do not show genuine love for God and neighbor (as God has defined love). He puts facts together based on false assumptions, and because of that, reaches false conclusions.

This is what the Bible says about the sinful (unsaved) mind. This is also why the Bible tells us that we need renewed minds. We need the Bible to teach us how to think, as well as to teach us what to think. These articles explore some of these issues.

The "Boundaries" of Truth

This article focuses on the way we view the truths of Scripture, but the principles described here are applicable to all areas of life. The teachings of the Bible complement each other. Yet often, the world views them as contradictingeach other. (In reality, they don't contradict, but the world's false assumptions often lead them to that conclusion.) This article looks into the issue of how we can keep ourselves within the "boundaries" of truth.

The Right Kind of Thinking

This is a study of what the Bible says about how we should think. Sin has influenced our entire person, including our minds, and we need Scripture to teach us the right way to think. We need renewed minds (Romans 12:2), so we won't be enslaved by futile thinking (Ephesians 4:17-19).[Questions for study and self-reflection are included.]

Reflections on Various Issues Related to Supposed "Bible Contradictions"

An examination of various topics related to the way the unsaved person looks at such issues. The nature of so-called "contradictions" is no different than any other aspect of "reality" (both in Scripture and in creation around us). Until we have a renewed mind (Romans 12:2), it will be impossible for us to think correctly about the Bible - or about anything else in creation. But once the Spirit of God changes the way we see things, the so-called "contradictions" melt away into insignificance. (Our perspective on all of reality is also affected.)

Truth (the need to submit to it)

This is just a short couple sentences about the need tosubmit to truth. It is dangerous to not do so. [Note: Elsewhere, I use the same quote to describe the Bible: "The Bible is Dangerous." This is because the Bible defines truth.]

The Bible and Your Thoughts

The Bible is to influence the way we think - our perspective on all aspects of reality. This article examines this issue.

The War for Our Minds

If you aren't actively involved in the fight to control (and change) the influences that enter your mind, you are already losing the battle. It's time to stop "playing religion" and get serious about this issue!

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The Bible says...

Don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2)