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Reflections on 9/11 (on the Anniversary of the Event)

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Date: 9/11/2002

Do you want to see a serious example of calloused hypocrisy?

Look all around you on 9/11. A nation that willingly murders 50,000,000 of its own people, before they even have a chance to be born... being totally enraged at 3,000 of its own being murdered by "outsiders." The last time I checked, 50,000,000 was a lot more murders than 3,000.

Doesn’t Scripture say something about dealing with the beam in our own eye, before dealing with the speck in someone else's eye?


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Date: 9/11/2003

Today (9/11/03) marks the second anniversary of the day that foreign terrorists brutally murdered approximately 3000 people in the United States. All around the country, people will be reflecting on this event, and resolving to bring these terrorists to justice.

Yet how many people mourn the approximately 4000 people who were murdered ON THAT SAME DAY, in the United States, by American terrorists? And on just about every day since then?

Since 9/11/01, American terrorists have murdered approximately 3 MILLION people in the United States, not even giving them a chance to be born. The terrorists cry out "choice" - yet not one of their victims was given a choice in the matter.

Do the math! The foreign terrorists would have had to destroy TWO THOUSAND World Trade Centers, to keep up with the carnage of the American terrorists. Do Americans REALLY want justice?


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