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Salvation, Sin and Judgment
Compromise & Revival

In many respects, these two topics can be considered opposites.This category includes a broad range of articles, for both Christians and non-Christians can be affected by compromise and revival. Individuals, groups, and even nations can be affected.


Here we are referring to compromise with sin. Compromise can occur when a person becomes less focused on doing what is right, or when he gets a relaxed attitude toward sin. It can occur when a person isn't bothered by what he considers to be "little" sins. If this trend doesn't change, a person may slowly become "asleep in the light" - deadened to the truth and overcome by sins which he may have even forgotten are sinful.


Revival occurs when a person becomes more focused on doing what is right and less involved with sin.

For a follower of Jesus, revival can have a long-lasting (and eternal) benefit. However, we must remember that revival can be temporary - especially for a person who does not have a changed heart (a part of repentance). An unsaved person can "clean up" his life - he can do less sinning. And though this may be called a type of "revival," it doesn't mean that he has become saved. His change is just "skin deep."

The Danger of COMPROMISE

Compromise is related to our attitude toward the Scripture, the nature of truth and error, idolatry, the issue of temporary disciples and counterfeits, etc. Currently, no articles directly posted here; but some recommended articles (from elsewhere on the website) are shown below:

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Some comments about the pretension and blindness that many churches have, when they reflect on their own spiritual condition.

A Letter of Concern about the Absence of Revival in our Land

There is a lot of talk. Revival seems to be "just about to happen"... all the time. But it just keeps on not happening. This is an "anonymous" letter (though I will admit to writing it). At the end (not part of the letter), I have added some comments about how to recognize revival if it were to come.

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"Therefore, say to the people, 'This is what the LORD Almighty says: Return to me, and I will return to you, says the LORD Almighty.' " (Zechariah 1:3)