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The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon...

People are quite upset about what the terrorists have done... but they seem to have forgotten that **OVER 13,000 TIMES AS MANY AMERICANS** have been murdered by abortions - willfully done by "choice," by the American people. This means that, for each ONE American killed by foreign terrorists, MORE THAN THIRTEEN THOUSAND Americans have been killed by Americans. It's just that, when the Americans do it, we don't call it "terrorism." We call it "freedom of choice" - even though the victims have no more choice in the matter, than did the victims of the foreign terrorists.

This is just one of the MANY sins that we, as a nation, have encouraged, promoted and even legalized. To encourage such things is the same as spitting in God's face. We as a nation have told God, for years and years, that we don't need him or his moral laws. It's ironic that many people think that God should protect us from calamities, while at the same time, they are telling him that he should keep out of our daily lives!

Until issues such as these are dealt with, we have no reason to expect God to protect us from calamities and disasters. We can pray for justice, if we want... but if God did give it to us, he'd have to send more terrorists.

40 MILLION murdered Americans cry out for justice. Does America want that? Americans don't want justice; they want favoritism.

Instead of crying out for justice, we should cry out to God for mercy... and for a change in our own hearts.

The Aftermath...

We have now entered "the war against terrorism." We claim that we will uproot terrorism, no matter where it may exist on the globe. We are told that this war will be "a monumental struggle between good and evil," that God is on our side, and that "good will prevail."

However, considering the statistics - 3000 innocent victims, compared to 40,000,000 innocent victims... it leaves us wondering, who is the "good" in this scenario?

Let us change our ways, before something worse happens to us.


Dennis Hinks © 2001, 2002