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The BIBLE & Our Perspective
From God to Us - How We Got the Bible

Here we look at various technical matters related to how we got the Bible. Understanding these articles is not a requirement for understanding the Bible. (You can benefit from the Bible without them, if you are willing to accept it and live by what it says). But questions often arise about such issues - and these articles focus on some of the answers.

Many people try to attack the Bible on this level, for this involves foundational issues. They may try to convince you that the Bible isn't God's Word, or that it is filled with error, or that it is impossible for us to really know what the original manuscripts said. They know that if they succeed in convincing you, they have destroyed some of the most impelling reasons why you should make the Bible the foundation for all of life. After all, it is because the Bible is God's Word, and because it is reliable and we can know what it says, that we have a duty to pay attention to what it says!

An Overview of the Issues

This includes a flow-chart that visually connects the various concepts related to matters such as inspiration, transmission of the Bible, exegesis, etc., as well as an explanation of the chart.

Understanding God's Communication to Us: The Bible

This is a flow chart that presents the issues involved in the transmission of God's Word (from God to us), as well as the issues involved in correctly understanding it. It also explains why people come to false conclusions and error - the reason that there are so many "interpretations" of what the Bible says.

An Explanation of this Chart

Explains the above chart. There are numerous references to other articles on this website. (Some of the issues are only briefly described in the explanation.)

Also, the following links take you to articles mentioned in the explanation, but not found elsewhere on this website. They give further insight about various issues; but some are not complete without the information mentioned in the explanation of the chart.)

See Also (additional articles related to the explanation):

Three Unique Characteristics About the Bible

People often try to "improve" the Bible. They claim that a person has to have special background information or training, in order to understand it. Yet God's Word is unique, in that it can't be improved, and its message can be understood... without all the prerequisites and qualifications that people have invented. God gave the Bible to all of us who are willing to accept what it says, not to just a few select people with special abilities or insights.

BIBLICAL INERRANCY - A Position Statement

This is a "position statement" written by the faculty of Grace Theological Seminary in 1978. It gives a good explanation of various issues related to the concept of "inerrancy."

God's Word without Error, Part 1: The Accuracy of the Message

This article (the first of two) focuses on the issue of the accuracy of the original message given to us by God. We can conclude, with confidence, that the message of God's Word is accurate and trustworthy.

God's Word without Error, Part 2: The Issue of Manuscript Variations

This article (the second of two) focuses on the issue of the accuracy of the text, as we have received it. We can conclude, with confidence, that the message of God's Word is accurate and trustworthy.

English Bibles and Their Translation from the Original Languages

This article looks at some of the issues involved in making a translation (including the issue of manuscript variations) and explains the reasons why there are so many different versions of the English Bible.

Comments about the Authorship of the Books of Scripture

Some of the books of the Bible have known authors; some don't. This article looks at the reasons for this.

The Word "WORD" and the Issue of Manuscript Variations

Our modern-day concept of "word" didn't exist back when the Bible was being written - because they didn't write sentences the way we now do! This isn't a serious matter, unless we reach false conclusions because of our difference in perspective. (It probably isn't an issue for most people. But I've come across some people who get rather "fanatical" in promoting certain false viewpoints about manuscript variations - viewpoints that seem to be related to their false assumptions in this matter.)

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Every Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)