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To Contact Us:

You can contact us by the through this e-mail address: DennisH658@aol.com

Mail List?!

I would recommend just looking at the link to "Articles not yet merged into the website." Since I haven't had the time to properly add articles to the website, I'm hoping to group some of them here. Most likely, I won't be sending out any email notices when I do. But if you desperately want to be added to a mail list (which might never be used), read the following paragraphs that I have drawn a line through...

If you request it, I can let you know when articles have been added to the journal. The notices are sent out only after several articles have been added to the Journal. (This means once every few months.) For a more up-to-date list of new articles, use the "Recent Updates" link.

To Get ADDED to the List
If you want to be added to the list, just send an e-mail requesting that your name be put on the list. Then you will be notified about new articles... until either you want your name taken off the list, or your internet provider sends me back e-mail saying that your e-mail account no longer exists.

To Be REMOVED from the List
I realize that interests and circumstances change. Obligations and time constraints change. If at a future time, you want your name removed from the list, send e-mail and let me know. You don't have to fear that I will be offended or will judge your spirituality, if you want off the list! I periodically have to remove my name off lists, too!

  • Whether you are being added or removed, I will send a confirmation e-mail indicating that I have received your e-mail, and have done what you requested.