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Salvation, Sin and Judgment

This section contains articles that focus on the general issue of salvation. "The Issue of Repentance," has its own separate section, simply because of the large number of articles on that topic.

If we accept all of the Bible as true, as written, then we have to conclude that there is no way for salvation, except through Jesus Christ. Scripture tells us that all of the world is dead in sin until God makes them alive. This reception of life coincides with the time a person repents of his sin and trusts Jesus for salvation - a salvation that the person himself cannot obtain, but which Jesus attained by his death, burial and resurrection.

If Jesus is the only way, then the implications are staggering. This means that all the world is lost, apart from Christ. This means that all who put their trust in religion are lost - for following Jesus is not a religion; it is a relationship with the King of Kings - a friendship based on knowledge (of his Word) and trust. It also means that anyone who claims to be "Christian," but who does not really follow Jesus (as Jesus defines "following him") is also lost. At the Day of Justice, many will insist that they did all sorts of religious things for Jesus... but he will reply, "I don't know you. Depart from me, you evildoers." (Note, however, that there are degrees of judgment, based on the amount of truth that a person has been given - Romans 2:12; Luke 12:48b. The person who knows the truth and rejects it, will be worse off than a person who never heard the truth.)

The world will not like to hear this message, but if we accept the Bible as true as written, then we can reach no other conclusion. It becomes a matter of integrity. To deny this message is to deny the very Bible we claim to believe.

  • Additional articles can be found in the main sections about "Becoming a Disciple" and "Living as a Disciple." These two sections have a greater focus on how salvation works in an individual's life.

The Good News about Salvation As Described by Jesus

An examination of what the "good news" about salvation is all about, according to Jesus (in the four "gospels," Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

The Good News ("Gospel") about Salvation According to the Apostles

An examination of what the "good news" about salvation is all about, according to the apostles (in the book of Acts).

John 3:16

A few comments about John 3:16, the famous "salvation verse."

Knowing God and Being Known by Him

A look at the concept of "knowledge" and how it relates to salvation. This includes various issues such as: 1) assurance of salvation, 2) human responsibility and God's sovereignty, and 3) how we can distinguish between those who are genuine and those who are fakes.  (A study guide. The PDF is better formatted for writing the answers.)

"Adoption" - the Basis for Our Relationship to God

Jesus is "Son of God" by nature; we are "sons of God" by adoption. This article looks at the New Testament verses that focus on this issue.

Salvation Down Through History

Some people think that people got "saved" in different ways, at different points in history. This article takes an in-depth look at various events down through history - events which are recorded in the Bible - and shows their impact on the nature of salvation.

The Changes that Take Place when a Person turns to Jesus

(Part of a large study on the relationship between God, Jesus Christ and people.) This link will take you to the specific section that focuses on the changes that occur when a person turns to Christ - changes which make the person become "Christ-like" (= Part "B" of the outline).

The Law, Faith, Grace & Salvation

There is much confusion about the relationship between these concepts. This article is an in-depth outline that focuses on these issues. It contains many Scripture passages, which will help you in your own studies.

"Working Out" Your Salvation (a study of Philippians 2:12-13)

Salvation, if genuine, will express itself someway. We are not to "work for" our salvation (an impossible thing to do); but we are to "work out" what is there. And if it really is there, we will do so, because God guarantees it! He gives us both the ability and the desire to do so.


This is a study that focuses on various aspects of forgiveness. There is an outline containing Scripture passages on the topic, as well as some additional worksheets that can be used (with the outline) in a class setting. (This study is based on the NIV translation. Some translations that are less "literal" may use other words in some passages, instead of "forgive / forgiveness.")

The Place of Baptism

Originally, baptism was considered to be one of the first expressions of obedience, once a person repented of his sins and turned to God, trusting him for salvation. Today, many people treat it like an "initiation rite" into a religious organization. This group of articles looks at every place the word "baptism" occurs in the New Testament, as well as at various issues related to that concept.

The New Covenant Concept of Rest

A look at the concept of "rest," which involves many salvation-related issues, including the issue of how we are to live right now. (The focus here is not on getting a good night's sleep!) This article also deals with some of the issues pertaining to the differences between the Old and New Covenants (or "Testaments").

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Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)