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The "Diagramming" of Scripture Passages

I developed this technique back in the 1970's; but I wouldn't want to claim that I "invented" it. I'm sure that many have come up with similar methods, probably each independently of the others - and all with a desire to better understand what God has told us in his Word.

This technique will not work for everyone. Some people may benefit greatly from it; for others, it may make absolutely no sense. Different people think and learn in different ways. Some are more analytical in the way they think. Others think with "abstract" thoughts or with a more visual (object-oriented) frame of reference.

If you discover that you can benefit from this method, then thank God for it. If not, then just try some other way of learning and applying God's Word to your life. It's more important that you learn and apply God's Word, than that you follow a certain technique!

Even if you don't like this study method, hopefully you will still benefit from looking at these Scripture passages!

Learning the Technique with: 3 JOHN - A Study on Love, Truth and Actions

The purpose for this group of studies is to teach how "diagramming" works. Included is a translation of 3 John (already diagrammed), a short overview or introduction to sthe outline, and a more in-depth (verse-by-verse) evaluation of the diagram. This is my own translation of 3 John (because of copyright issues related to copying an entire book of the Bible).

An Introduction to "Diagramming" (Using 3 John as an Example)

This is a short overview of the concept of "diagramming," as applied to the book of 3 John.

A "Diagramming" of 3 John

This is a word-for-word "diagram" of the book of 3 John. The html and PDF diagrams are slightly different, mainly due to the differences in the way the two file types can be formatted. (There is no difference in content.)

An Extended Explanation of the 3 John Diagram

If, after looking at the introduction and the diagram, you want a further explanation, try this. (If not, then don't worry about it!)

See Also:

Other Passages

Additional examples, including other ways to apply this technique (such as "flow of thought" through a paragraph, rather than "word-by-word."

A "Flow-of-Thought" Diagram of Paul's Prayer in Colossians 1:3-13

This is an attempt to chart the "flow of thought" through one of Paul's prayers. You can use it as a guide, or "starting point" for your own studies of this passage.

Jesus tells us...

You search the Scriptures [Alternate interpretation - a command: "Search the Scriptures!"], ... these are they which testify about me. (John 5:39)