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More About "My Journal"

"Journal 33.org" is a collection of several websites, with "My Journal" being the largest of them. Others can be accessed through the "More Journal 33 Websites" link (in the left column, at the bottom).

Introduction / Rationale for My Journal

On the grand scale of things, this journal will hardly be noticed. But that is O.K. God sometimes uses one person to accomplish great and mighty things for him, but he normally accomplishes his purposes through small things done by many people working together. This is my contribution to those smaller things.

Most of the articles written in this journal were written by me. After all, it is "My Journal." A few articles are contributed by others. Together, as we express our views, it is our goal to be in agreement with the Scriptures. The reader, of course, will reach his own conclusions as to our degree of success. (See "The Bible: God's Word to All People" for my views regarding how to understand the Bible.)

You will quickly discover that this journal contains a random assortment of things. The topics do not have their origin in some preplanned outline, but in the chaos of life. Circumstances, questions, issues raised by others, and just plain curiosity have all contributed. If you find something to be beneficial, then give thanks to God for it; if you find something to be of no value, I'll take the credit for that! Comments, suggestions, feedback and criticism are welcome and encouraged!

If you wish to make copies of something for distribution to others, you are free to do so, with a few minor restrictions. (See the "Copies and copyrights" page.)