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This study is based primarily on a New Testament word group (in the original Greek language) that has the ideas of "fellowship" and of "sharing" something. This concept can be translated in several ways, including words such as: fellowship, share, participate, partnership, communion (i.e., having things in common), companion, etc. [For the most part, the words will be translated as "fellowship" or "sharing," in the following outline.]

PART 1 - Fellowship With God/Jesus

PART 2 - Results of This Fellowship (With God/Jesus)

A. What We Won't Have Fellowship With

B. What We Will Have Fellowship or Association With

  1. Things that people tend to like, things that are enjoyable [Note contexts of each verse]
  2. Things that we tend to NOT like, but which are just as much a part of life in Christ, as the benefits we DO like. [In addition, these things are often "prerequisites" for many of the benefits that we do like!]
  3. Fellowship with people - see next section

PART 3 - Fellowship With People

A. "Reciprocal" Fellowship [Can be Initiated by Either (or Both) of the Individuals]

B. "Directional" Fellowship [Can Only be Initiated by One of the Individuals]

  1. Sharing of material possessions
  2. Additional comments about this type of sharing:

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