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A group of studies exploring the "frivolous" nature of much of today's "fellowship."

Are the two predominant concepts associated with "Christian Fellowship" supposed to be "food" and "fun"? Shouldn't we be able to expect conversation that is less superficial? And how about something that fills our Spirits, not just our bellies?

About these studies:

This group of studies was the outcome of my concern over the empty frivolity that exists in much of so-called "Christian fellowship." I wanted to see what God had to say about such activities (focusing, in this study, on the "fun" aspect).

Being a "worksheet," this is just a starting point for your own studies. Feel free to add additional words, verses, concepts, etc., as you wish. And remove any passages that are not applicable to your specific situation. (These verses are primarily from the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes; only occasionally from other parts of the Old Testament. In some of the word groups, verses that were deemed not relevant to the study were omitted.)

The verses that were chosen for this study were based mainly on their occurrence in the New International Version of the Bible (occasionally the New American Standard Version). If you use a different translation, you may come-up with a different list of verses, depending on how the translators chose to say it.

(Often the original Hebrew or Greek word can be translated by several English words or phrases. The translator will choose which word or phrase to use. In a few places, differences may occur because there may be some question as to the exact interpretation of the passage - though it would be nothing major that would seriously impact any of the Bible's teachings. It also depends on whether the translator is attempting to translate "word for word" or "meaning for meaning.")

In [brackets with italics] are some of the words used by various other translations, or if translations vary greatly, a general description of what the word means.


Concepts related to attitudes and talking:

Concepts related to our general conduct:

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