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Do you say that Jesus changes lives?

Then why are conditions inside the church no different than conditions outside the church?


We live in a day in which:

When God changes people, he changes their attitudes and values. They want to follow Jesus, and they are willing to do so.

There are two types of "church-going sinners":

There are many examples of followers of God, who fell into sin - Peter, King David (Old Testament); the Corinthians; etc. – BUT IN EACH INSTANCE, THEY TURNED AWAY FROM THEIR SINS AND DID NOT CONTINUE TO LIVE IN THEM.

What does the Bible say?

People will claim to follow God, even though they don't. They are liars who will be eternally condemned, unless they repent of their ways.

A person who has become a follower of Jesus cannot continue in his old ways; he won't want to; and he won't choose to. More than that, God, who does the changing, guarantees that it will be this way.

How must you respond?

Don't excuse your sin… repent of it! Repentance includes a change in values and lifestyle.

Follow Jesus, not religion. Are you more interested in: 1) living in a way that honors Jesus, or 2) joining a Sunday morning "religion club"?

If you choose to follow Jesus, you will change. Why?

You will change your attitude toward God.

You will change your attitude toward people.


Dennis Hinks © 2007