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Assurance of Salvation
Devotion to God's Honor and GLORY



To glorify God is the #1 reason that God made us. But the human race rejected this high calling and went its own corrupt way. Now, only saved people find joy in fulfilling this duty - and their desire to glorify God is one of the evidences that they are saved!

Glorifying God

God Is Worthy of Glory

He is worthy, because he created all things. All creation around us glorifies him, and we have an obligation to do so. Even if we refuse to at the present, we will do so in the future.

God's Visible Glory

This is an aspect of glory that we don't give to God... because it has to do with who he is - his very nature as God. (His visible glory is just one aspect of this glory.) Some Scripture passages describe this glory as being so great that we can't even glance at it and survive. Others tell about people who did see God's glory and did survive! How can this be? It all comes together in Jesus Christ, the "Lord of Glory"!

The Glory that God Gives Us

This is another aspect of "glory" that we do not give - but which is very important to us. It's a moral reflection of God, seen in us as individuals, and as a group (the whole "body of Christ"). This glory is not yet fully displayed in us, because God is still working to remove the imperfections of sin that plague us. But we can look forward to the day when the final aspect of our salvation - our "glorification" - will be complete!

Give God Glory!

We turn our focus to the type of glory that we are to give to God. All creation does it - even the world that has been cursed because of human sin! We also have an obligation to glorify God, and God's people will desire to do so. Four aspects of this "glory" can be summarized as follows: We glorify God when we "value, worship, love and obey" him!

Why We Should Give God Glory

The only reason we need is the fact that he is worthy of glory. But there are several other reasons as well!

Can Atheists Glorify God?

The answer is simply this: They do and they will. Right now, they do so indirectly; in the future, they will bow down before Jesus and will personally confess him as Lord (though it will be too late for salvation). It's sad that they they are so determined to live a pretension that they will someday confess is a lie.

"Glorifying God" - as a Christmas Theme

Glorifying God in Adversity (a God-honoring response is like a "gift" to God)

God's gift to us: the ability to glorify him in all circumstances! Our gift to God: doing so, even in times of adversity!

Glorifying God (with your values) at Christmas

The world will provide every opportunity possible to distract us from a focus on Jesus. Our response to these influences will demonstrate what values we really hold.

Glorifying God in the New Year

You can begin the new year differently; but you must be willing to do certain things to make it possible... or you will fail. (This article focuses on those things we need to do.)

HOW to Glorify God: The "Glory Manifesto"

How to Glorify God - "How #1"

It's not a technique, but a way of life. And changing circumstances do not change our ability to glorify God! "How #1" is: We glorify God when God's glory is the goal of our actions. (Also includes 3 ways to measure our success in accomplishing this goal.)

How to Glorify God - "How #2" through "How #5"

"How #2" - We glorify God when we freely, and honestly, confess our sin. / "How #3" - We glorify God when we trust God. / "How #4" - We glorify God when we care about his glory and honor in the world. / "How #5" - We glorify God by fruitfulness.

How to Glorify God - "How #6"

"How #6" - We glorify God when we are content in our circumstances. Since most people find it normal to be malcontent any time something doesn't go their way, this "How" required some extra emphasis!

How to Glorify God - "How #7" and "How #8"

"How #7" - We glorify God when we are willing to work out our salvation. There is a big difference between working "out" our salvation (which God requires) and working "for" it (which is impossible)! / "How #8" - We glorify God when we are willing to live for God.

How to Glorify God - "How #9" through "How #11"

"How #9" - We glorify God when we have a joyful attitude in all circumstances. (Scripture explains the nature of this joy.) / "How #10" - We glorify God when we stand up for God's truth. / "How #11" - We glorify God when we give praise and thanks to God.

How to Glorify God - "How #12"

"How #12" - We glorify God when we promote his honor and glory in whatever way we can. (Contrast this with the attitude of most church-goers, who have removed God from just about every aspect of life!)

How to Glorify God - "How #13" through "How #15"

"How #13" - We glorify God when we live our "daily life" with God in mind. / "How #14" - We glorify God when we work to bring other people to God. / "How #15" - We glorify God when we suffer for God.

How to Glorify God - "How #16" and "How #17"

"How #16" - We glorify God when we give God the credit for the good we do. / "How #17" - We glorify God when we live a holy life.

[A copy of the complete "Glory Manifesto" can be found: HERE.]

Glorifying God - Conclusion

Glorifying God: Our Duty; an Expression of Love; Evidence of Salvation

It's our DUTY to glorify God; that's why he made us! God's people LOVE to fulfil their duty. Since only God's people can have this type of love (i.e., the desire to make it a "life goal" to glorify God) it is EVIDENCE of salvation.