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Assurance of Salvation
Things that Prove You Are NOT Saved



Scripture is very clear that certain things are PROOF that a person is UNSAVED. If such things characterize a person's life, we can affirm without fear of being wrong, that the person is unaved (unless they repent) - whether that person is ourselves or someone else. Furthermore, if we pretend that they are saved, and (because of doing so) they perish, God will hold us accountable for not warning them.

Introduction to this Series


A short overview, introducing the theme text, 2 Corinthians 13:5.

Proof a Person is UNSAVED

Proof You Are NOT Saved

A list (taken from several Scripture passages) showing many of the sins that (if they characterize your life) PROVE you are not saved.

Some Related Issues

About "Grace"

What is the role of "grace" in a Christian's life?

The Issue of "Abortion"

This issue was used to illustrate that it isn't just the "obvious" sins that matter. Attitudes of the heart that make those "obvious" sins possible are an even more serious matter! And we are all guilty of this.

About "Judging Others"

Though the world (and many church-goers) constantly scream out, "Do not judge," Scripture demands it. But Scripture also shows us how it is to be done. (This "presentation" describes a skit that was done when the video equipment normally used for "Mission Moment" was not available.)