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Assurance of Salvation
LOVE for God's People (& for one's enemies)



God's people are all part of one family. The Bible tells us that members of God's family will have a special love for others within the family, simply because they are family. (In most Bible translations, this is described as "love for the brothers.") Scripture also shows us that we have an obligation to love non-family (including our enemies), so an article on that topic is also included. (This is a different type of love.)

NOTE: When the Bible mentions love for the "brothers," this includes "sisters." For most of human history, this fact would not have needed mentioning. But in recent decades, atheistic influences have corrupted the very way language is used and perceived by many people.

Love for the "Brothers"... and for All People

The General Concept: "Love for Neighbor"

This looks at the basic concept of "love" (within this context), as well as the distiniction between "brothers" (saved) and "others" (unsaved).

Love for the "Others"

This focuses on our love for the unsaved... including the fakes within the church. Some comments are also made regarding the relationship between genuine love and a willingness to confront sin.

How to Become a "Brother" or "Sister"

There can be no love for the brothers and sisters, unless people first become brothers and sisters! This article looks at the way the Bible defines the issue - what it means to be one, as well as how to become one.

Why This Love Will Be Present

People who have the godly character traits of God's family will love others who have these same traits. In contrast, those who don't have these traits won't love others who have them. God's people are one family (the family of God) and one body (the body of Christ), and share one purpose. [See also the next article.]

More about Our Obligation to Have This Love

We have an obligation to love our "brothers"; God also guarantees that this love will be present in his people. Fulfilling our obligation will be a struggle, because our sinful nature (the "flesh") fights against it... but God's power gives us the strength to overcome.

Types of Love That Are Not Proof of Salvation

There are good types of love that do not prove one's salvation - love that even unsaved people can have. This article looks at these, as well as some of the "not-so-good" types of "love" (which are incompatible with salvation).

A Short Break Between Topics

Bible "Cannots"

There are certain things that the Bible says cannot happen, or are impossible. This article looks at some of these.