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Holidays (and Similar Occasions)


Christmas 2014 - A Focus on Glorifying God

(This was a part of a series given during the "Glorifying God" section of "Assurance of Salvation.")

Christmas 2014 - Glorifying God in Adversity

God's gift to us: the ability to glorify him in all circumstances! Our gift to God: doing so, even in times of adversity!

Christmas 2014 - Glorifying God with Your Values

The world will provide every opportunity possible to distract us from a focus on Jesus. Our response to these influences will demonstrate what values we really hold.

Christmas 2015 - Christmas and your Values

Christmas 2015 - The Values We Teach at Christmas

What you do at Christmas is a demonstration of values. Others (especially children) see your values and learn them... regardless of what you may say about "the true meaning of Christmas," etc.

Christmas 2015 - Honoring God during ALL of the Holidays

This is not just about Christmas. If we have an obligation to honor God in all things (and we do), then we have an obligation to honor him any time we celebrate a holiday.

Christmas 2015 - Taking "Christ" out of "Christmas"

It's easy to condemn others for saying "holiday" or "x--mas," instead of "Christmas." But maybe we should consider ways we may be taking "Christ" out of "Christmas" - even though we may be using the "correct" words!

Christmas 2016 - Our greatest NEED and gifts to help take care of it

Christmas 2016 - Gifts for our greatest need

Recently, we have been looking at a Scripture passage that reminds us to share with other Christians who are need (Romans 12:13). However, our greatest need is not physical, but spiritual - and in this matter, all of us are needy. More than that, we will be held accountable by God for how we deal with this need. At the end of this presentation, some "gifts" are provided (website articles) to encourage us in this matter.

New Year's Day

New Year 2015 - Glorifying God in the New Year

You can begin the new year differently; but you must be willing to do certain things to make it possible... or you will fail. This article focuses on those things we need to do. (Part of the series about "Glorifying God," a section of "Assurance of Salvation.")

New Year 2017 - Goals for the new year

It is good for us to make goals for the year - realistic goals that enable us to live the life of one who follows Jesus!


Easter 2015 - Remembering the Crucifixion

A focus on the crucifixion and its significance. Also points out the contrast between what Jesus experienced and the minor things we must endure.

Easter 2016 - "Believing" in the Resurrection

Everyone who has heard about the resurrection believes something about it. It's just a matter of whether we're going to believe historical facts, or invent our own "beliefs."