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Injustice, Public Unrest, Riots - What role should YOU have in them?

A Christian response to what is happening in the world. (This is a general focus on the issue; not limited to any specific situation that may be happening somewhere in the world at this specific moment.)

Principles of Sin

How to become a "good" sinner - that its, morally good through repentance and trust. (We need to recognize sin for what it is, and deal with it, using the power that God gives us.)

Part 1 - Big sins and little sins

Principles: (1) Sins of any size earn us eternal death. (2) Some sins have a greater effect on other people. (This means there must be different responses to different sins.) (3) "Little" sins grow into "BIG" sins. (4) We need to deal with the "little" sins, as well as the "BIG" sins.

Part 2 - Little and hidden sins

Principles: (5) God defines sin, not us. (6) The devil will use anything it takes to destroy you.

Part 3 - Sin and human responsibility

Principles: (7) Your only hope is in God! (8) Hope in God does NOT excuse us from our responsibility! (9) Don't use "growth" as an excuse for willful sin!

Part 4 - Our attitude and grace

Principles: (10) ALL sins will be shown for what they are. (11) Watch your attitude about sin, regardless of "sin size"! (12) Don't try to use "grace" as an excuse for sinning!