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Assurance of Salvation



Though humility is a very downplayed and maligned character trait, it is mandatory for someone who wants to follow Jesus! But we need to make sure we know the difference between the genuine and the fake - for it seems that few people have any comprehension of what the genuine is all about!


FAKE Humility - An Illustration

Most people think that anyone who claims to be humble isn't humble. They seem to think that "humility" is an elusive characteristic that a person cannot know he has! Except for the last few slides, this presentation is not to be taken seriously, because it portrays this popular distortion of "humility" - which actually goes 100% against what Scripture says about the topic.

Two Opponents of Humility

There is an opposite (pride and boasting), and there is a counterfeit (false humility). In this article, I attempt to show the differences between these two opponents and the genuine, by describing three different ways I could attempt to promote "My Journal" (www.journal33.org). I hope one of these ways is a good illustration of the correct ("humble") way to do it - the other two definitely aren't!

The Source of Genuine Humility

Godly humility can only come from God; for it requires life (or heart) changes - such as repentance, submission, a redirected love, etc. - that sinful humans cannot do in their own strength. (This does not negate our responsibility to be humble, because God's sovereignty and human responsibility always work together - as we have already seen in other issues. But that is the focus in the next few presentations.)

Genuine Humililty - What It Is

Humility actually involves a willingness to be truthful about ourselves, others and God! It involves a willingness to "lower" ourselves from our "exalted" positions, following Jesus' own example. (The difference? Jesus deserved to be exalted; we don't.) Interestingly, all people will be humbled, either now or later - either now, as God's people, or later, as his enemies, at the Day of Judgment.

Examples of Genuine Humility

If we want to have geuine humility, we should learn from the examples found in Scripture - from good, neutral and bad examples. These examples also show us that it is possible to know if a person is humble - contrary to what the world seems to think!

Pride and Boasting - Not Always Wrong!

There is a legitimate form of pride and boasting - but not the types encouraged by the world. This article focuses on the differences.

The Value of Humility

Yes, genuine humility has great value - extremely great value! This article looks at some of the good that comes with humility - Scripture is filled with examples!

"Intermission" Between Two Themes

"Going to Heaven"

People like to talk about "going to heaven"; but few want to talk about the necessary way of life that makes it possible. In fact, the "false gospel" even lies about the issue! This presentation introduces us to the next topic (and proof of salvation): "self denial."