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Assurance of Salvation
Repentance for sin



Repentance will be the natural response of someone who has genuine love for God. These presentations explain what repentance is, and why we will have it... not only at the beginning of our "salvation journey," but all the way to its end.



Genuine love for God will, by nature, result in hatred for sin. This will result in a spirit of repentance - both before and after we become followers of Jesus. There is also a difference between "repentance" and "remorse."

Characteristics of Repentance #1: Abhorrence of Sin

Genuine repentance will result in an utter abhorrence of sin, because sin is against God. All sin - even those we think are "little" - are against God, and worthy of instant judgment; so it is impossible to cling to sin and love God. The only possible response for someone who loves God is repentance!

Characteristics of Repentance #2: Abhorrence of Self

Genuine repentance will result in an utter abhorrence of self, because we ("self") are the willful agent of sin. We choose to do it. Rather than shifting the blame to someone or something else, we (if repentant) are willing to admit that we sin - both by nature and by choice. We also acknowledge that, apart from the power of God, we would never choose to do differently.

A Short Break from the "Repentance" Theme

"Worm Theology"

This is actually related to Repentance Characteristic #2 (abhorrence of self); but is presented in a more humorous manner. There is a Scripture passage and a Christian song that describe sinful humans as "worms." This concept is offensive to people who do not take sin and repentance as seriously as Scripture does. But "Wally Worm" and his cousin "Bible Bookworm" sure don't mind it!

Repentance (continued)

Our Sinfulness

(This is a continuation of Repentance Charactristic #2.) Most people downplay the seriousness of sin; but Scripture doesn't. Instead, it describes sin as permeating every aspect of our being.

The "Great Exchange"

(This is a continuation of Repentance Charactristic #2.) This is the only reason we are able to be saved. On the cross, Jesus chose to take on the evil that defines us, so that we could take on the righteousness that defines him!

The "Great Guarantee"

(This is a continuation of Repentance Charactristic #2.) This guarantee is only possible for those who have repented. It is based on the "Great Exchange" (see above) and is backed by the sovereignty of God!

Characteristics of Repentance #3: An Actual Change in One's Life; Conclusion to This Topic

Genuine repentance results in change. A repentant person will have a "reformed" way of living - that is, changed in both attitudes and actions. This section concludes with 5 things to beware: various types of fake repentance, etc.