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"Mission Moment" at Broadway Christian Church


Our main focus here is on what we can do (= "OUR MISSION"). This includes matters such as: spiritual growth, evangelism, godly living in a godless world, etc.

(What others are doing, as "MISSIONARIES," is also important. But that's not our focus here.)

Additional notes:

  1. A variety of Bible translations is used, in order to avoid copyright issues (and still have a translation that can be read and understood by most people today).
  2. I do not claim to be an expert in making presentations. Feel free to do better!

Main Topic Categories

Assurance of Salvation

God does not leave us to guess about our salvation. The Bible clearly shows us that some things prove a person is not saved, some things prove a person is saved, and some things prove absolutely nothing. This is a large series of presentations that look at a wide number of evidences (and "non-evidences") related to this issue. As for the evidences, they are explained (defined) and distinguished from counterfeit or fake imitations of them.

Romans 12:9-21: Sincere, Unhypocritical Love

This passage shows us a wide variety of ways that we can express love in a sincere, unhypociritical way.

Holidays and Similar Occasions

Anything related to holidays (such as Christmas and Easter) and other special occasions.

Presentations and Articles Not Yet Put into Categories

A temporary place to store presentations, until enough of them can be grouped together under one main topic.