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The Relationship between GOD, JESUS CHRIST and MAN


This is a large study that explores the relationship between God, Jesus Christ and humans. In the process of this study, we also discover something about the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Old Testament.

The first column contains html links; the second column contains links for the same documents, but in PDF format. Some of the Greek words will probably not show correctly in the html format. For convenience, links have been placed at the bottom of each html file, for easy navigation to the PREVIOUS or NEXT page.

Introduction and explanation:
Explains the nature of the study and some of the symbols.
Worksheets - the WORD Studies:
An exhaustive study of the words used to describe these various relationships, including any related word forms (nouns, verbs, etc.). Many of the Scripture passages that are included are not relevant to this specific study, but they contained the words we are examining. (They also illustrate other ways in which these words are used.)
  1. Words related to eikōn
  2. Words related to charaktēr
  3. Words related to morphē
  4. Words related to schēma
  5. Words related to eidos
  6. Words related to homoios
  7. Words related to skia
  8. Words related to tupos
  9. Words related to isos
  10. Words related to hupodeigma
Worksheets - various issues and preliminary evaluation:
An assortment of pages that explore various related issues, in preparation for reaching a final conclusion.
  1. The concept of "glory" (overview only)
  2. Synonyms - Comparison of the N.T. Greek words
  3. "Frequency Table" (what N.T. books these words are found in)
  4. Hebrew definitions - words in the Genesis passages
  5. A Quick Comparison - Christ and Man (Selected passages)
Summary / Conclusions:
A compilation of all the data, using all the relevant verses we found in this study. (Some of the verses in the word studies did not apply to the issue at hand. They are included in the word studies - above - but not in these summary pages.)
  1. PART 1 - God, Father, Holy Spirit
  2. PART 2 - Jesus Christ
  3. PART 3 - Man (humans)

Dennis Hinks 2006