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The Relationship between GOD, JESUS CHRIST and MAN

7. Words related to skia

[7A] G4639 - σκία (skia)

A. Thayer Definition


1) shadow

1a) shade caused by the interception of light

1b) an image cast by an object and representing the form of that object

1c) a sketch, outline, adumbration

B. Verses with this word


Matthew 4:16; Mark 4:32; Luke 1:79; Acts 5:15; Col. 2:17; Hebrews 8:5; 10:1

C. Outline


       1.    The shadow or shade of physical objects.

              a.    Mark 4:32 - About a type of mustard plant - its seed is very tiny but the plant can become large enough for birds to lodge in its shade / shadow.

              b.    Acts 5:15 - During a time of many signs and wonders: people wanted at least Peter's shadow to fall on them, so that they might be healed.


       2.    Jesus - a light shining into the darkness and into the "shadow of death" (Isaiah 9:1-2).

              a.    Matthew 4:16 - Jesus went to Capernaum, to fulfill the prophecy about ... those in the shadow of death receiving the light.

              b.    Luke 1:79 - The "rising sun" will shine on those who live ... in the shadow of death.


       3.    Things related to the Old Covenant, which are mere shadows of real things.

              a.    Colossians 2:17 - The Jewish ceremonial activities - a shadow of what would come; contrasted to reality (the "body" which casts the shadow), which is in Christ.

              b.    Hebrews 8:5 - The Old Testament tabernacle - a copy and shadow of what is in heaven.

              c.    Hebrews 10:1 - The Law - a shadow of the good things to come, not the very "form" itself.

D. Summary


Shadows are places where the light is not shining. When the light represents life, the shadow represents death.


From another perspective: The outlines formed by "shadows" have only a faint resemblance to the "realities." They are only remotely like them. In this sense, the things of the Old Covenant are only a "shadow" of the realities of the New Covenant. These realities were made available through Christ, and they replaced the "shadows."

[7B] G1982 - ἐπισκιάζω (episkiazō)


A. Thayer Definition


       1) to throw a shadow upon, to envelop in a shadow, to overshadow


B. Verses with this word


Matthew 17:5; Mark 9:7; Luke 1:35; 9:34; Acts 5:15


C. Outline


       1.    Mary - "overshadowed" by the power of God.

              a.    Luke 1:35 - (regarding the birth of Jesus) - The Holy Spirit will come upon you; the power of the Most High will overshadow you. (So the one to be born will be the Son of God.)


       2.    A cloud "overshadowing" people.

              a.    Matthew 17:5 - A bright cloud overshadowed / enveloped them.

              b.    Mark 9:7 - A cloud formed and overshadowed / enveloped them.

              c.    Luke 9:34 - A cloud appeared and overshadowed / enveloped them.


       3.    A person's shadow "overshadowing" a person.

              a.    Acts 5:15 - During a time of many signs and wonders: People wanted at least Peter's shadow to fall on / overshadow them, so that they might be healed.


D. Summary


None of these passages have a direct bearing on our current study.






[7C] G644 - ἀποσκίασμα (aposkiasma)


A. Thayer Definition


1) a shade cast by one object on another, a shadow


B. Verses with this word


James 1:17


C. Outline


       1.    A moving shadow.

              a.    James 1:17 - Every good gift is from God; and God is like unchanging light (no variation and no shifting shadow).


D. Summary


A good reminder of God's unchanging nature, but not applicable to our current study.


Dennis Hinks © 1983, 2006



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