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Misc. Passages, Including Various Other Uses of the Word(s) Normally Translated as "Baptism."


A. Baptism was considered to be one of the basic, foundational truths of Christianity.


B. Symbolic washing or cleaning of something.

  1. The washing of hands, eating utensils/containers, before a meal.
  2. Ceremonial washing as part of the Jewish sacrificial system (given by God, in the O.T.).


C. Being overwhelmed by calamity, trials, death, etc.: Described as a "baptism."


D. Two O.T. "pictures" which can be used to illustrate N.T. truths about baptism and salvation

  1. Events associated with Israel's departure from slavery in Egypt
  2. Events associated with Noah's Flood


E. One ambiguous passage (difficult to interpret) - "baptism for the dead"

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