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Various articles related to the DEITY of JESUS CHRIST and the "TRINITY" concept

[The main focus here is on the relationship between "Jesus" and "God" (or the "Father"). I currently don't have any articles about the Holy Spirit and the "Trinity"; but most people (though not all) who accept the deity of Jesus Christ have little problem with accepting the deity of the Holy Spirit.]

Six Facts About Jesus and God

A look at 6 so-called "contradictory" facts from Old and New Testament, that deal with the "invisible" God and various instances in which he has been seen - in both Old and New Testaments. The way we deal with these facts will influence our entire perspective about Jesus and God.

The Angel of Jehovah - An Overview

This is not an "ordinary" angel, but a physical manifestation of God himself. The way this term "the angel of Jehovah" (or "the angel of God") is used, in relation to the name "Jehovah" (or "God"), is quite like the way the name "Word" (Jesus) is described in John 1:1 - as "being with" God AND "being" God, at the same time!

Is Jesus "Deity" or "Human"?

There are only 4 possible choices: #1 Jesus is deity / #2 Jesus is not deity / #3 Jesus is human / #4 Jesus is not human. Which of these does the Bible affirm? Which does it deny? This article looks at: 1) how we should go about examining these issues, and  2) a historical controversy that involved these specific issues.



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