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Jesus: Is He God? - The Arian Controversy


The Main Articles

The following two articles are interrelated. One is the main research article; the other focuses on some specific issues, and attempts to connect all the details together, in a general chronological arrangement. For the best results at understanding the issues and events of this controversy, these two articles should be studied together.

  1. The main article: The Arian Controversy

  2. An overview of some specific issues and details: The Arian Controversy - An Overview

A Quote from the Athanasian Creed

This is a quote taken from a creed that has been attributed to Athanasius, one of the primary opponents to Arius. There is some uncertainty as to whether or not Athanasius himself actually wrote it, but it probably expresses Athanasius' view about the nature of the Trinity and of Jesus Christ.

(This is not the creed quoted in "The "Arian Controversy. That article quotes the Creed of Nicaea, 325, which came earlier.)

An important background issue

Does the Bible claim that Jesus is God? Does it claim that Jesus is human? And what if we can find Scriptures that support each view... does that mean there is a contradiction?

There is an underlying principle that has to do with the way we view truth. What is the nature of truth, and how we should view (and accept) it? Do "opposite" statements contradict? Or do they complement? The following article focuses on this underlying principle, and might be helpful for learning how to deal with many types of issues that appear to have two opposite "sides."

Dennis Hinks 1999