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The "Harmony" of the Events Between Jesus' Resurrection & his Ascension

  1. About this Outline & Basic Principles [IMPORTANT!]

  2. Events up Through the Resurrection; the Resurrection of Others near Jerusalem

  3. The Women Visit the Tomb, See the Angels, and Go to the Disciples

  4. Peter and John Visit the Tomb; Summary Statement for All Events that Follow

  5. Jesus Appears First to Mary, Then to the Other Women

  6. Jesus Appears to Two Disciples and to Peter

  7. Jesus Appears to All the Apostles (Thomas Not Present)

  8. Jesus Appears to All the Apostles (Thomas Is Present)

  9. Jesus Appears to Some of the Apostles; Peter Is "Re-commissioned"

  10. More Appearances by Jesus (Including the Last Recorded Appearance)

  11. Jesus' Ascension and Events After It

  12. "Summary Statements" - Jesus' Message After the Resurrection

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