Old Buildings...


New Lives


Individuals from different churches in the neighborhood, and a few volunteers from elsewhere, working together with one desire: to make a difference in our city - a difference that is based on the eternal foundation of God's Word.


We find ourselves in a city of contradictions. Sin is openly flaunted everywhere. At the same time, wherever we go, we can look about and see church buildings. Why is there so little impact, especially on the younger generation? Even in the church, we find that many of the young people have little or no moral consciousness.

Is there anyone who cares about these youth? We do. But sometimes we feel quite alone. It seems that most of the groups who haven't abandoned the city have abandoned the Word of God. And most of those who claim to be "Bible believing Christians" seem to want to retreat to the suburbs, where the "American Dream" can be pursued in relative comfort and safety.


Here is a church building located just a few blocks down the street. In the house just to the right of this building, a psychic runs a home business.

To a passerby, these two "establishments" - the church and the psychic - appear to peacefully coexist. To us, it is a contradiction.

Does this situation testify to the moral bankruptcy of our neighborhood? Or does it point to our own failures as the church (collectively)?


Whatever the answer, it points to an opportunity.


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