I want to say something about...
my friends - the people I would have never met, had I not been willing to pay attention to Jesus' example. Most of the people shown in these photos belong to the younger generation - a betrayed and exploited generation. We are trying to provide a youth-oriented worship service that offers hope in an often-hopeless world. However, I would not want to give the false impression that the not-so-young are any less important. They, too, are friends.

Many of these people have great needs. Many have gone through trials and experiences I hope to never experience. But these people are more than just "a bunch of needs." Friendship goes beyond "need meeting" and treating people like "clients" of some social service. These are real people, loved by God and considered valuable by him. These are the greatest in the kingdom. These are my equals - no way am I superior to them - and my friends. And though many of them may have gone through hardships far greater than my own, their weaknesses just make God's strength more visible, when it bursts into their lives.


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