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Judgments in the Book of Revelation


A. General comments

The events described in the book of Revelation are what John saw, when Jesus showed him what will happen in the future.

At the time these events occur, how will they look to people on earth? In what order will they occur?

Many of the judgments will be the consequences of human sin, or will be viewed as natural disasters. But as the judgments continue, it will become more and more obvious that God’s hand is guiding them.


B. The world (including the fake “Christians”) will deserve these judgments.

The good news about God's kingdom and salvation will be made known to the entire world; so those who reject God (and what he has told us in the Bible) will have no legitimate excuse.


C. There will be different reactions to the judgments:

The views of the unsaved world:

The views of God's people and of those in heaven:


D. Good that will occur

There are some good things that will occur in the midst of all the evil and resulting judgment. Those who are evil will persecute both Christians and Jews; but God will use this to accomplish good.


E. The extent of these judgments

The world's entire value system is corrupt; it opposes the truth, either openly or by providing a counterfeit. Because of this, the judgments in Revelation are not only directed toward evil people, but toward the whole social-political-religious system that exists in the world. Even now, it is evil to the core. Any good that exists in it is because of God’s gracious kindness (in restraining sin) and because of the presence of genuine Christians (who have a positive influence on it).

There are many implications from this fact. Three of them are:

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