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The "Seven Spirits" in the Book of Revelation

The phrase "Seven Spirits" is found only in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; and 5:6. Most likely, this is a reference to the Holy Spirit. In the seven letters to the churches (Revelation 2-3), the Spirit manifests himself in seven different ways, strengthening those who pay attention ("he who has an ear" - 2:7, etc.), so that they can become victorious "overcomers."

Some have suggested that this term could be a reference to seven heavenly "spirits" who are always ready to serve God. Yet in 1:4, the "seven Spirits" are described as being a source of the same "grace and peace," which also come from the Father and the Son. We find nothing in Scripture to suggest that this type of grace and peace could come from some being other than God.


About the "Seven Spirits"

  1. Their association with God (the Father) and Jesus Christ
  2. The "Seven Spirits" in heaven
  3. The "Seven Spirits" on earth

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