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"Boundaries of Truth"
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God's Sovereignty / Human Responsibility


This article focuses on the general issue of how to understand Bible concepts that may appear to be in "conflict" with each other.

CHAPTER 1 - Who is God; Who is Man?

CHAPTER 2 - The On-going Conflict Between the Bible and "Human Arguments"

CHAPTER 3 - An Attempt to Analyze the Issue

CHAPTER 4 - The Place of God's Mercy

CHAPTER 5 - How Can a Person Make Sure He Is Among the "Elect"?

Dennis Hinks © 1993, 2004

This was originally written using the NIV translation. However, due to copyright restrictions (and the quantity of Scripture being quoted), the article was rewritten so that Scripture quotations are from several translations. Note that any words in [brackets] are added (by me), and any words put in italics are done so for emphasis only.