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"Values Series" Bible studies



The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the "Values Chart." The following link takes you to the chart, as well as to an explanation of it. After you understand it, you will be ready for studying the verses listed below. (If you do not understand the chart, you can still study the verses - but you might not be able to answer some of the questions.)



In each of the following verses are statements which focus on two (or more) different "values levels." In each instance, the Scripture passage shows us the priority of the one "value level" over the other(s).

  1. Verses that are used to explain the "Values Chart" - If you have studied the explanation of the chart (using the link given above), you have already seen how various values are expressed in the following verses:

  3. Verses that belong to separate Bible studies - In these studies, you are not told how the various verses fit in the "Values Chart." Rather, having learned how to use the chart, you are to determine through your own study where they belong. (In addition, there may be additional study and application questions.)



You may wish to look for other verses that show the relationship between different values. (There are quite a few.) Many of these verses will contain words or phrases that express a comparison. Some examples of these words are: better, more than, greater than, first, most important, only, etc.

Additional studies related to the issue of "religion"

Most of the articles on this website are related to values, in one way or another. However, the following link has been included on this page, because so many people confuse the relationship of "religion" to the other priorities in life. Because of the world's false definition of "religion," many people (even those who claim to be "Christian") give "religion" a much higher priority than it should have.

According to the Bible, loving God and obeying him are not "religion." When people practice "religion," yet fail to have a greater emphasis on love for God and neighbor, they actually offend God and bring his judgment upon them. (Matthew 23 illustrates God's reaction to religious leaders who do this.)

Additional studies related to the issue of "hate"

Even though God commands "hate" in certain contexts, may people totally reject it, as being "always sinful." If you show them the Bible, they will explain it away by denying that the Bible came from God, or by claiming that it is a "figure of speech," an "exaggeration for emphasis," a "human viewpoint" that does not reflect God's view, or something similar. But God's Word remains firm and consistent on this matter, and does not back down from its message, when humans don't approve of what it says.

Dennis Hinks 2004