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Definitions of the words examined in this study

This study is based on three groups New Testament Greek words. Here are the definitions, in English. For those who are interested, the specific Greek words are given in PART 2. But this is optional, and the study can be understood without them.

The FIRST Word Group: Being "in control" (focus mainly on the mind).

The SECOND Word Group: NOT being "out of control" (focus mainly on the mind).

The THIRD Word Group: Applying control to our actions.

Words from two of the groups occur together in four passages:

Two observations can be quickly noted from these verses:

  1. At one time or another, words from each word group can be translated as "self-control," for each group focuses on some aspect of this broad concept.

  2. The KJV translation does not always use the words "sober" and "temperate" in the same way that other translations (and most people in the 20th century) use those words. This can be confusing, if one is not aware of that fact.

PART 2 of the Introduction looks at the Greek words themselves. This is optional and can be skipped, if desired. [The study of Greek words can be helpful, but is not a mandatory prerequisite for studying the Scriptures! That is why God gave us translators!]

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"KJV" refers to the King James Version; "NIV" refers to the New International Version; "NAS" refers to the New American Standard Version.