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Living without Hypocrisy; Having a Sincere Life


[Some of these passages describe how to live without hypocrisy; some give examples that we can learn from. You may have to read the context, to gain a better understanding of what these passages are saying.]

In many of these passages, you will find the word "sincere," which is a translation of a New Testament Greek word that means "un-hypocritical."


What must we do with hypocrisy?

  1. What must we do with hypocrisy? 1 Peter 2:1

  2. Note the context. Who is this written to - what type of people are they? 1 Peter 1:23

    Since these people were not fakes, they desired to obey the truth (God's Word), so that they could become pure in the way they lived (1:22). In 1 Peter, the apostle is teaching them some of the truth that they will want to follow.


The Nature of Our Love

  1. The results of truth: How does obedience to God's truth influence a person's love? What type of love will we have, if we obey God's Word? 1 Peter 1:22


    Once we have the right type of love, we will be able to obey the command to love each other deeply (the end of v. 22). This is how a genuine "born again" person (v. 23) will live.

  2. Practicing this type of love : What type of love must we have? Romans 12:9


    The rest of chapter 12 shows us how to do this.

  3. An example of someone doing this: Paul lived the way he told others they must live. What type of love characterized Paul's life? 2 Corinthians 6:6

    Those who are hypocrites or who openly reject God's Word will hate you because of the good you do. They might make life difficult (read about Paul's life - 2 Corinthians 6:4-10), but the greatness of following Jesus is worth the difficulties we may face.  


The Nature of Our Faith ("Faith" refers to our trust in God and his Word.)

  1. A Praiseworthy example: Timothy's life gives us a praiseworthy example of the type of faith we must have. How does Paul describe Timothy's faith? 2 Timothy 1:5

    Many people have a fake faith; but not Timothy. We should follow his example.

  2. A necessary ingredient of love: Timothy had the difficult task of restraining evil people who were trying to lead others astray. To do this the right way would require love. One of the necessary "ingredients," for having the right type of love was the right type of faith. What type of faith was this? 1 Timothy 1:5


The Nature of Our Wisdom

  1. What is one of the characteristics that distinguish between "wisdom from above" and "wisdom from below"? James 3:17

    Read verses 14-16 to find out about the fake "wisdom" that comes from the devil.

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