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The Positive and Negative Benefits of Slavery (Romans 6:15-23)

It's not a question that's up for debate. You are a slave. The only question remaining involves identifying who your master is.

You are either a slave to sin, or a slave to righteousness. You decide. The one you choose to obey is your master.

You can claim that God is your master, but if you choose to obey sin (or if you choose to ignore God), your actions prove you a liar. God says you are earning wages for your obedience to sin: the wages of death.

If, on the other hand, you choose to obey righteousness, your actions prove that you belong to God. God has graciously offered you freedom from your old master, sin, and you have chosen to accept his offer. More than that, God has poured out many blessings into your life - the greatest of which is eternal life through Jesus Christ, your new master.

Again, you are a slave. That fact will have an effect on your life forever. As a slave, you could find yourself in a miserable situation for all eternity. Or you could find slavery to be the greatest experience you ever had - if you have the right Master.

Dennis Hinks © 2001