"The Moral of the Story"


There are many things we can learn - especially when we consider that our short story
was meant to be a "parable" about life.


  1. Change your oil on a regular basis. (Check other things, such as the transmission oil, too!)

  2. Bad habits can get you into trouble. Change your ways before it's too late!

  3. You, too, are someday going to die... and what you do now may speed it up.


There is another very important thing for you to think about: You are a lot more valuable than a car. It would be better for you to neglect your car, than for you to neglect your eternal destiny.

Cars... Even the best maintained cars eventually wear out and die. Then they are destined for the scrap heap (or perhaps a pile of rust in some field).

You, however... Though you may die physically, you cannot cease to exist. You will be somewhere for all eternity... and what you do about it now will influence what happens to you forever.

-- -- -- -- -- --

Linda knows these things and has taken care of the more-important matters of life - such as her eternal destiny. We both hope that you have also taken care of this matter - or are doing so right now.


Thank you for reading our "parable" about life!

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