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Being Refreshed

[The words in this section are related to the concepts of "cold" and "cool,"
but they are used in a more figurative or metaphorical sense.]


Being refreshed, encouraged.



Two types of encouragement are illustrated here:

The focus of these two verses is on encouragement received by a leader in the church (Paul). These two specific instances occurred while Paul was in prison; but he needed encouragement at other times, too. (See, for example: Romans 1:11-12.)

What are some ways (direct and indirect) that you can encourage the church leaders you have contact with? In answering this question, focus on things you can do (or be), rather than on verbal praise. (Verbal praise can have value, but when it is excessive, or not backed up by one's actions, it can actually have a negative effect.)

What are some of the ways that people discourage leaders? What are some of the ways you can avoid these discouraging practices?

You may wish to do your own study of other verses that focus on encouragement. The Bible has much to say about people encouraging each other.



anapsucho, to cool again, to cool off, recover from the effects of heat: to refresh - 2 Timothy 1:16

eupsucheo, to be of good courage, to be of a cheerful spirit - Philippians 2:19

[Both of these are related to the word psuchos (cold). Many other verses focus on the topic of encouragement, but they do not use the "temperature words" found in these two verses.]

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