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A "Hot" Spirit contrasted with a "Cold" Love


1. Having a fervent ("hot") spirit.


2. Do not let your love grow cold, when you find yourself surrounded by increasing wickedness.



Note the context of Romans 12:11. Being "fervent in spirit" does not mean "add more religious activities to your life." The entire passage focuses on love, not on religious activities. It focuses on living one's life as a disciple (follower and learner) of Jesus, and using one's "gifts" (abilities) for the good of all people. Read the entire chapter.

Your attitude toward serving the Lord (your "spirit," in Romans 12:11 and Acts 18:25), and your love for God and people (Matthew 24:12), are directly related. Either both will be hot or both will be cold. You cannot have a hot spirit and a cooled-off love at the same time. With this in mind, evaluate your life.

We are to love both God and neighbor (including our enemies). What is the significance of the contrast between having a cooled-off love and "standing firm to the end"? In what ways are they opposites? Is the "warmth" of your love like ice cubes? To what degree are you like (or not like) the people described in Matthew 24:12?

This week, is your life going to demonstrate a cooled-off love or a fervent spirit? How?



zeo, to boil with heat, be hot (or to glow, of solids); metaphorically - used of "boiling" anger, love, zeal for what is good or bad, etc. Acts 18:25; Romans 12:11

psucho, to breathe, blow, cool by blowing; passive: to be made (or to grow) cool, cold. [Figuratively of waning love in this verse:] Matthew 24:12

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