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A Quick Comparison of the Four "Gospels"

(the "Good News" about Jesus)

John often focuses on Jesus as God. Much of the content found in this Gospel is unique, and focuses on specific events or details not mentioned in the other three accounts. This book was written specifically to provide us with a sure foundation for our trust in Jesus - in who he is, as well as in what he can do in our lives (John 20:30-31).

The other three gospels do not have as great a focus on Jesus' deity - although they do not totally neglect it, either. Their emphasis is on various aspects of Jesus as a human - who he was and what he did. In this respect, there are many points in common between these three books. Some passages are almost word-for-word identical!

Something you can do

Look for some of the similarities and differences between these gospel accounts of Jesus' life and teachings. As you do so, the following principles may help you sort-out your observations:

  1. Sometimes you will find a record of the same event or teaching, in two or more gospels.

  2. Each human author chose what details he would include, based on the needs of the people who would initially receive his letter. Because of this, one account may go into great detail, describing some specific event, whereas another may completely omit it.

  3. Each author's individuality would also influence his writing style, as well as the types of details he would tend to include.

Remember: The word "Gospel" simply means "Good News."

These four books record the "good news" about Jesus!

Dennis Hinks © 2001