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Usefulness, Using Things, Needing Things...




Usefulness and Kindness - A few comments about their relationship to each other
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In the following outlines, the concepts will be grouped according to the the New Testament Greek words they come from, for it is a convenient way to "categorize" them. However, if you prefer, you can ignore the Greek part and focus only on what is written in English!

A focus on being

  1. Make Yourself "Useful"!
  2. Being "Useless" - the wrong way & the right way!
  3. Restricting One's "Use" of Things - when they hinder our expression of love and kindness to others
  4. Things Which Are "Useful" or "Useless" - as far as their spiritual value is concerned

A focus on having
or lacking
"things that can be USED"
(wealthy vs. needy)

  1. Being Wealthy - having plenty of things to "Use"
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  2. Having Needs - not having things which you need to "Use"
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