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Selected Verses about "Contentment"

Psalm 17:15; 63:5 - being satisfied with having God; satisfied with having fellowship with him

Psalm 90:14 - satisfied with God's love

Proverbs 19:23 - being content/satisfied with the life that results from "the fear of the Lord"

Proverbs 27:20; Ecclesiastes 1:8; 6:7 - some things can NEVER be satisfied!

Ecclesiastes 4:8; 5:10 - wealth does not necessarily bring satisfaction

Isaiah 55:2 - why focus all our attention on things that cannot satisfy?

Hosea 13:6 - a warning against forgetting God, when one is satisfied with his blessings

Luke 3:14 - being content with one's pay

Luke 6:21 - (when present circumstances are bad...) satisfaction associated with future blessings

Philippians 4:11-12 - contentment in all circumstances

1 Timothy 6:6 - the value of contentment with godliness

1 Timothy 6:8 - being content with our basic needs being met [compare to Matthew 6:25-34]

Hebrews 13:5 - contentment with what we have (which includes having God!)

You may also want to look for verses that express similar ideas, but that don't specifically use the words "contentment" or "being satisfied" in them.

As you examine these passages, think about ways they may apply to your life. (Without application to your life, this study will have little or no value!)

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