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Religious Activities and Sin in One's Life

Two things to consider, when using this study guide:

Dealing with your sin is more important than participation in religious activities. How much more important?

In the following passages, what are some examples of things that are more important than religious activities? When these more important things are neglected, what does God say about our religious activities? What does he say about us?

Note that even good things can become sinful, when priorities are neglected.

What are our most important obligations? How important are they, compared our religious activities?

Are there sins in your life that you have been unwilling to deal with? If so, what does the Bible say you need to do? When are you going to do it? If you are unwilling to deal with your sins, what does the Bible say about you?

[The responsibility of others]

The responsibility of other people to confront a person about his sin (and also to forgive):

Two warnings that accompany this obligation:

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