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An In-Depth Study on the Topic of Prayer


For some of the information included below, I must give credit to a friend who has his own website, James M. Grier.
(Of course, if there are any mistakes, blame me instead of him!)



The html pages are linked together. The PDF format can be obtained either as an entire study, or as individual sections.


EVERYTHING in this article about prayer - PDF 


1. What Prayer Is Not - html / PDF

2. Living in the "Age of Prayer" - html / PDF

3. "The Lord's Prayer" (Part 1) - Introduction - html / PDF

4. "The Lord's Prayer" (Part 2) - a Longing for the Glory of God - html / PDF

5. "The Lord's Prayer" (Part 3) - The needs of People - html / PDF

6. God's Sovereignty and Prayer, in the Difficult Times of Life - html / PDF

7. Communication with God - html / PDF


For more information on the "technical" details, see the following articles:


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