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Articles about Halloween


The Christian and Halloween (by Rev. Mike Frank)

This article, on the "Mike Frank Website," focuses on potential ways in which a person might be able to participate in this activity, while minimizing its "pagan" aspects.

Different Perspectives on Halloween

This is a group of interviews on the topic of Halloween, made by someone else. I will start with a warning: You will probably not like some of the things mentioned in these interviews. Indeed, I personally disagree with most of what is said in them. My own views are expressed (since I was one of the people interviewed), but so are the views of some people who practice witchcraft, and related activities. For those of you who think that Halloween is a big harmless joke, I hope you realize that some people take it very seriously... and the number of people who do so is increasing. This link takes you first to an "introduction" that I have written, followed by the interviews.

Dennis Hinks 2006