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Trials, Hardship, Difficulties, Persecution & More

What a pain! Everyone wants to "Have a nice day"... but sometimes life just doesn't cooperate!

Trials are a fact of life. We need to accept this fact and learn to how respond to trials properly. There are many good reasons why we shouldn't get discouraged, but should take heart because of what God is doing in our lives.

Trials Happen!

  1. Trials are a natural part of life.

  2. If you are a Christian, those who oppose Christ may add additional trials to your life.

How Should We Respond?

This includes not only our response to the persecution we receive from those who hate Jesus, but also our response to the troubles of life that everyone faces.

  1. How not to respond? A few of the ways are...

  2. How to respond...

  3. Having patient endurance:

  4. Examples we can follow:

    NOTE: Pay close attention to Hebrews 12:2. After presenting us with an entire chapter full of good examples of faith, the author does not tell us to focus our attention on these people, but on Jesus. The best of people are imperfect. We may benefit from their example; we may learn from them. But we need to look beyond them, to the one who is the source of our salvation.

    This world is full of people who focus their attention on people. In the church, such people tend to lavish praise on past heroes of the faith - men and women who focused their attention on God! Yet no person who loves God wants the attention on himself. Even when they use themselves as an example, they have the attitude of the apostle Paul, who said, "Follow my example, just as I follow Christ's example" (1 Corinthians 11:1).

Good Reasons to Endure It All

  1. God uses our trials and suffering to accomplish good in our lives - Romans 8:28(+).


    All people have trials. As disciples of Jesus, we may experience some trials and difficulties that the rest of the world does not experience - sometimes even trials that they bring upon us. However, we must remember that, in the end, it will be far worse for those who reject God, than for anyone who belongs to him. The difficulties and hardships that may be associated with salvation (in this present life) will be nothing compared to what those who are ungodly and unrepentant will experience for all eternity.

  2. For us, the future is glorious!

This should have a significant impact on our views about trials.

It is from this perspective, that we can have joy during trials (James 1:2)!

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